Did you know that your DUI citation suspended your driving privileges?

fl-road-checksYou must act soon. Florida law allows you only 10 days to contest the immediate suspension of your driver’s license by requesting a formal review hearing. Additionally, the formal review hearing can provide important information in your criminal case. Early action may be critical to your case.

Statutory Penalties for a 1st time DUI conviction:

Up to 6 months jail

Fines and court costs up to $1,000

Up to 12 months probation

Up to 12 months driver’s license suspension

Fifty hours of community service

DUI school

Victim Impact Panel

Ten day vehicle immobilization

If your breath result is a .15 or higher:

Ignition Interlock Device

Fines and court costs up to $2,000

Dealing with a DUI charge is complex and should be handled by a DUI Attorney who focuses on defending DUI cases. Call Lisa Anderson Law today at 850-215-2529 to defend your rights!

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