The state has the burden of proving a violation of probation (VOP) to the judge who placed you on probation. Violations can be technical or involve a new law violation. The number of previous violations and circumstances of the instant violation can be very important. Often times it is advantageous to your cases to have representation early in the process and engage in early negotiations with the prosecutor. Unfortunately there is not a right to pretrial release in VOP cases and is usually the exception rather than the rule. Having an aggressive attorney willing to take your cases to an evidentiary hearing may tip the scales in your favor. Call our office for a free case evaluation.

Asking for a termination of probation is usually done once you have completed all the original terms of your probation. Sometimes, the state may be in agreement with ending your probation early. In such cases, a hearing is not always necessary. In cases where the state objects, the judge may order a hearing and under Florida Law has the authority to grant an early termination of probation. Our firm offers representation to those seeking an early termination or those charged with violating their probation.