If you receive a traffic citation, it may be criminal or civil. A criminal traffic charge includes DUI, DWLSR (Driving While License Suspended or Revoked), Violation of Driver’s License Restrictions, Racing on the Highway, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Criminal traffic charges require a court appearance and can result in a criminal conviction, fines & court costs, license suspensions and probation.

Civil traffic infractions are charges such as Speeding, Careless Driving, Failure to Use Due Care, Running a Red Light, Following Too Closely and Failure to Yield Right of Way. Once the citation is issued, you have 30 days to either pay the fine or contest the citation and have a hearing. Citations involving crashes with injury, speeding more than 30 mph over the limit, and drivers who possess a commercial driver’s license are required to appear for a hearing.